Best garden hose for dehumidifiers (1)

Best garden hose for dehumidifier

When you’re buying a dehumidifier, you’re probably not expecting to read about the best garden hose for it. Dehumidifiers makes life easier and your living space cleaner as you probably would not like to spend more money on mold removal.

If not used properly, dehumidifiers can produce energy losses. Again, losing energy means losing money and you would probably like to avoid any unnecessary expenses.

One of the most important accessories of dehumidifiers is drain hose (click here to buy one).

Drain hose on dehumidifiers ensures that there is no mess when you are emptying filter and water tank and it’s used as an energy saver.

But there is one interesting question that needs to be answered.

Can I use garden hose for dehumidifier?

Can you use a garden hose for a dehumidifier? The answer is yes, but you need to know how to do it right. If you are not doing this right it can cause serious health risks and damage.

First, let’s go over the reasons you might want to use a garden hose as your dehumidifier:

  • You’ve lost power to your house and can’t run your dehumidifier
  • You’re camping in an area with high humidity/you’re on vacation in an area with high humidity
  • You’re saving money and don’t want to buy a dehumidifier

So what type of garden hose works best?

A good idea would be to get one that’s at least six feet long. You should also make sure it has a plastic or rubber coating, since metal hoses can rust. If you don’t have a garden hose, you can improvise using a strip of cloth and some rubber bands.

It’s tempting to try to save a buck and substitute your garden hose for a dehumidifier. But it’s not nearly as effective as you might think.

Although your garden hose is doing a great job of taking water from the ground and moving it through the hose, it’s not doing enough to take that water out of the air. When you’re using your garden hose as a dehumidifier (or, more accurately, when you’re using your garden hose to humidify your basement), what you’re really doing is adding more moisture to your basement’s air. That, in turn, makes your house feel even more humid and sticky.

So what to do?

3/4 length drain hose for dehumidifier

Maybe consider buying 3/4 length drain hose for dehumidifier. It could be a real money saver as you won’t have any issues with adding more moisture.

With a 3/4 inch diameter, your hose will have a maximum length of 36 inches, which should be enough to reach wherever you need it.

Remember: When choosing the best garden hose for your dehumidifier, look for one that offers maximum length and is rated as high-flow or low-pressure.

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